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12 weeks. 11 tracks. YOUR sound. Note: If the coupon code does not automatically apply, use "mumapr22" in the coupon section.


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How Make Unique Music Works:

What People Are Saying...

"A framework for developing your own unique musical voice - gold dust in today's music industry... The unique sound process has meant that all of the major opportunities that have come to me have been a result of people coming to me attracted by a unique product. Management, my DJ residency and high profile remixes have all been through people hearing my music and wanting to get me involved." Larry Holcombe (CR2's mixing & mastering engineer who now records his own unique music as "Get to Know")

"...not just a tool to help you improve your music, it is a way of helping you discover more about yourself and the story you want to tell your audience. It kickstarts your creativity muscle. If you want to become a tastemaker / trendsetter, then I would highly recommend..." Paul Alexander (Got to Number 11 on all of Beatport's top 100 for his "Beautifully Created" track on Pineapple Grooves)