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Have The Best Year of Your Music Career... For Only One Dollar a Day (ALL PRICES IN USD)


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Want To Turbo Charge Your Music?

In the Turbo Track Attack, I'll show you how to make a track (from blank canvas to rough demo) within 3 hours. By the end of the workshop, you'll have a rough demo and be able to make much better music in a lot less time. 

Because these are recordings of a live workshop, I'm giving you the opportunity to get this home study edition at half price for just $25. You can work alongside with me with the full recording, or work through it (step-by-step) in your own time. 

To get immediate access, click "Yes, add this product" below to add an additional $25 to your order, and complete your order. You'll then receive an email from me with instructions for how to get started.

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"It certainly has been the best year so far. I've finished 53 tracks so I multiplied my output 10 times in comparison to last year." - Jali Mikkonen

"IT HAS CHANGED MY LIFE towards the direction that I have always wanted to go but never knew where to start." - Bobbi A. Deild

"Wow. Reflecting on the past month ... I can not BELIEVE how much music I’ve made" - Kat Steih